Photoshop Tutorial - Design a Book in Photoshop
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Photoshop Tutorial - How to Design a Book in Photoshop


Making the Book Final

Tutorial Overview

This Adobe Photoshop tutorial will show you how to design a book from scratch using some very simple Photoshop techniques. 

Step 1 - Create the Book Cover

Making the Book Step 1First create a new image, lets use 500 x 500 pixels with a white background. Now click the new layer icon and name the layer "book cover". Set your foreground color to a medium brown and select the rounded rectangle tool with a radius of 30 pixels. Drag out a rectangle until it fills about 2/3rds of the image in the center. In this case we are making a leather bound book so we need some texture. Add a pattern overlay layer style using "leather" as your selected pattern. Drag opacity on the layer style down to about 15%. Next we need to rasterize the leather pattern so we can transform it along with the shape. Create a new layer underneath the book cover layer, select the book cover layer and merge down (Ctrl-E). Lets add some perspective. Select [Edit->Transform->Distort] from the menu and drag the shape until we have something that looks like the image on the right.


Step 2 - Making Pages and Finishing Up

Making the Book Step 2What good would a book be without pages? Lets create some. Duplicate the book cover layer and name it page. Drag the page layer underneath the book cover. Brown pages don't look so good so lets fill it with white. Hide the book cover layer and lock transparent pixels (the first icon on the layers palette next to the work lock). Now fill the page layer with an off white color (I used 220, 220, 220) using the paint bucket. Now un-hide the book cover and nudge the page layer down and to the left a few pixels. Our pages need some depth so lets add an outer bevel layer style (set size to 2 pixels). Duplicate the page about 10 times and nudge the layers down and to the left a few pixels to get a stacking effect. You might want to add a 2 pixel inner bevel to the cover to give it some depth. You also want some shadow for realism so create a new layer at the bottom and call it shadow. Grab the magic wand tool with tolerance set to 0 and "contiguous" / "use all layers" both checked and select the background pixels, now invert the selection and fill it with black. Go to [Edit -> Transform -> Distort] and drag the shadow out to where it looks reasonable and add some gaussian blur to it. Lower the shadow opacity until it looks right. Now we need some lighting so merge the book and all its pages into a single layer. Select [Filter -> Render -> Lighting Effects] and use the spotlight. Drag the lights around until it looks natural. Finally add your favorite background and there you go. Your own book created entirely in Adobe Photoshop!

Article by Emmett Lollis Jr. March 20th 2005

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