Emmett's Photoshop Tutorials and How To's
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Emmett's Photoshop Tutorials & How To's

This is my collection of Adobe Photoshop tutorials and how to's. I offer a wide selection of photoshop basics tutorials, photo editing tutorials, and graphic design tutorials. What you find here will work great on the most recent versions of Photoshop up to and including Adobe Photoshop CS5. If you're looking for a Photoshop tutorial that you can't find here please feel free to send in a suggestion using the contact link on the navigation menu. If you like what you see, share these links with your friends!

Photoshop Basics Tutorials

Layers Photoshop Shortcuts - List of essential keyboard shortcuts for Photoshop users.

Layers Photoshop Layers Tutorial - Learn the basics of using Adobe Photoshop layers for image composition!

Layer Mask Basics - If you're new to Photoshop, you definitely want to learn how to use layer masks for layered compositions. This tutorial shows you how to get started with layer masks.

Photoshop Photo Manipulation Tutorials

Photoshop CS5 Content Aware Fill TutorialContent Aware Fill Tutorial - "Use Photoshop CS5 to seamlessly erase objects from your photos"

Photoshop CS5 HDR TutorialPhotoshop CS5 HDR Tutorial - "Learn the exciting new HDR Pro features of Photoshop CS5"

Creating the evil lookEvil Look Tutorial - "Learn how to create a dark mood in the most extensive tutorial to date"

Make a Stone StatueHow to Make a Stone Statue - "This photoshop tutorial shows you how to turn an ordinary photo into a stone statue using photoshop's displacement feature"

Making the MothershipCreate a Sci-Fi Mothership in Photoshop - "This tutorial shows you how to combine photography and airbrush artwork to make a Sci-Fi scene, a really fun way to work in Photoshop if you like to brush"

Selective DesaturationHow to use Selective Desaturation - "This free tutorial shows you an easy way to make your photos pop out with a simple adjustment layer effect. Very effective and you can use it in a variety of situations"

Speeding Car EffectHow to Create a Fast Car with Motion Blur - "Learn how to use Photoshop's motion blur tool to create a fast moving car in this free photoshop tutorial"

Digital Conversion for Black and White ArtBlack and White Conversion for Digital Art - "This tutorial is designed to show one way to convert an image from color to black and white along with some techniques for background removal."

Raw Workflow in PhotoshopFree Photoshop Tutorial - Raw Workflow from Start to Finish - "The raw image we get from our digital cameras are far from perfect. Fortunately for us, Photoshop comes with some handy tools we can use to strive for perfection. This tutorial presents us with a step by step guide to Raw Workflow."


Photoshop Design Tutorials

Create a BookPhotoshop Book - "Learn how to design a book from scratch in Adobe Photoshop. Very simple technique using layer styles."

Navigation BarLearn how to Create a Classy Looking Navbar - "This tutorial is designed to show you a very easy way to create a professional looking navigational bar in Adobe Photoshop"

Satellite DishHow to Make a Satellite Dish in Photoshop - "Learn how to use Photoshop's basic tools to design your own satellite dish, very detailed tutorial "

Abstract 3D BackgroundHow to Make an Abstract 3D Background - "Learn how to create a cool 3D background with this easy lesson"

Create a QuarterCreate your own Coin in Photoshop - "This Adobe Photoshop tutorial shows you how to create a coin from scratch and add your own image"

Watterlogged LogoWaterlogged Logo Tutorial - "Simple beginner level Photoshop tutorial for creating a watery logo, also useful for anything melted, such as candle wax"

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