Best Winter Weather Photos of 2010 - Snow and Ice Gallery
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Best Winter Weather photos of 2010 by Emmett Lollis Jr.

This my 2010 winter weather gallery. There was no shortage of cold, icy, snowy weather during the early part of 2010. The El Nino made sure of that. These photos were a lot of fun to take. Several of the photographs were broadcast on KOKI Fox 23 in Tulsa, OK. Sometimes it's good to be spontaneous, get out, drive and find anything that catches your eye. Enjoy the gallery!

Snow in Tulsa - March 20th 2010

My last snow gallery of 2010 features photos of Woodward Park and scenes from around the city of Tulsa. The first Woodward Park photo in the gallery was featured on Fox 23 in Tulsa. It's one of my favorites of the season. The photo of the entrance to Woodland Hills mall is another shot that I like. Something about the shiny look HDR gives really enhances the aesthetics of the picture. I've also included a photo of Crow Creek Tavern and the photo with the giant tower is of Clear Channel Communications where they broadcast KRMG and KOKI Fox 23.

Snow in Tulsa - February 8th 2010

February 8th brought yet another snow to Tulsa in one of the most active snow seasons in recent memory. It didn't stick around for too long but it was a beautiful sight while it was here. The Woodland Hills photo is my favorite from this series followed by the bus stop. The Quick Trip sign is nice too. Something about signs in snowfall catches my eye. Some of these photos were also on Fox 23.

Winter Snowstorm in Tulsa / Bixby - January 29th 2010

On January 29th we got my favorite kind of snow. The wet, sticky kind :) I took a long drive around Tulsa snapping HDR photos, then I took a few shots in Bixby and finally my own back yard. A few of the photographs I took this day were featured on Fox 23 during their extended coverage of the snowstorm. It's always nice to hear my name on the air :)

Frozen Arkansas River - January 9th 2010

The morning of January 9th was one of the coldest nights on record for Tulsa. I went to a section of the frozen over river which was close to my house to get some photos. I was just getting into HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography when I went on this outing. HDR works great for winter photography, especially during a snow.

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