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Google Plus Business Profiles Major Announcement!

Google Plus Business Profiles Major Announcement!

Google has been telling it’s Google Plus business users to hold off on creating business profiles until they have a business product launched. Plus businesses were referred to a signup form to be put into a pool of businesses, from which Google would pick a select few to beta test their business profiles.

Today, Google Plus Project / Ads Guy Christian Oestlien posted a major update on Googles business profile decisions. According to Oestlien, Google has received tens of thousands of applications for their business project. In response to the overwhelming response Google has decided to make a major change of plans. Instead of transitioning only a few businesses to test out the new service over time, Google is now planning to roll out the business profiles to everyone in the next few months!

This is great news for small businesses who want to take advantage of this new social network. They are allowing a small handful of existing business profiles to continue to exist, however Google will still proactively remove and unauthorized businesses who create a profile while they are working on the official business product. Google recommends (as I recommended in this article) to find someone with a personal profile to represent your business. You can view the original statement here. I also included the video update below.

Google Plus for Business / Getting Ahead Without a Business Profile
Google Plus Business Profiles Coming Soon!


Posted on July 21, 2011 by Emmett Lollis Jr. | Edited: July 22, 2011

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