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Google Attempts to Clarify Google Plus Name Policy

Google Attempts to Clarify Google Plus Name Policy

Over the past few days lots of Google Plus users have seen their accounts suspended due to Google’s strict enforcement of it’s Google Plus naming policy. Even high profile celebrities like William Shatner have seen their account suspended pending verification of their real identity.

Bradley Horowitz attempted to clear up the confusion tonight through a post on his Google Plus account. He mentioned that a number of community standards violations appear to be inadvertent and Google is working on ways to better address the issue. Horowitz says that Google is now sending a warning message in advance of suspension (with exception of those in violation of other policies like spamming). Google is also looking at ways to improve the sign up process to make it clear that people are to use their real names. He also suggested that people wanting to use nicknames take advantage of the “other names” field. He said that Google Plus users can also take advantage of the employment, occupation and education section which shows up in the hovercard to add their nickname or handle. You can view the official Google naming policy for more information.

International Issues

Many people in China have expressed concern over the naming policy due to their governments strict control over communication. They feel the need for¬†anonymity to be able to speak freely in their own country. So far it appears that there hasn’t been much discussion on potential remedies for that situation. For now, anyone not using their real name to identify themselves on the network risks account suspension or deletion.

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Posted on July 25, 2011 by Emmett Lollis Jr.

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