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Google Plus Games Coming Soon!

Google Plus Games Coming Soon!

According to Tricia Duryee over at All Things D, Google Plus will soon be offering games to it’s social networking users. It appears the Google Plus Games will offer a much better incentive to developers compared to Facebook and Apple by only taking a 30% cut of profits.

Google Plus Game Payments

Google has also recently launched In-App Payments for the Web. A service that allows web application users to take payments from customer with a simple right click interface. This allows the application users to continue enjoying the app without interruption. Right now the In-App Payments are geared toward the Chrome Web Store but it would be very easy to tweak the interface to work with a Google Games API.

How Soon is it Coming?

According to the All Things D article, the new Google Plus Games API may be here within the next month! Google is one of Zynga’s biggest investors so it’s very likely they are already working on Games to be introduced when the Google Plus Games service goes live. That’s not good news for the smaller game companies since there won’t be a level playing field out of the gate.

Reaction of Google Plusers

The news of social gaming’s arrival at Google Plus may not sit well with the early adopters of Google Plus. One of the advantages to Google Plus has been the lack of constant online game and social application invites. Hopefully Google will be smart enough to make the games/applications an opt-in feature or at least restrict the games from cluttering the circle streams with game status messages and invitations.

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Posted on July 22, 2011 by Emmett Lollis Jr. | Edited: July 22, 2011

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